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What are we looking for?

MagmaConf is one of the most important community tech conferences in Mexico. We showcase innovative Software Development, UX/UI Design and Mobile sessions for engineers and designers that build cutting edge websites and applications. However, if you feel that there is an interesting talk that you would like to present that is not related to it, please go ahead and submit it.

We’re open to hear about testing, scaling, API design and implementation, entrepreneurship in the tech sphere, startups that are awesome, development communities that are growing and focused in particular subjects… you get the point.


MagmaConf will grant one entrance plus 3 meals a day during the event to all speakers. However, transportation and housing will not be included.

In the case of a speaker not being able to attend the conference, we will select someone else from the pool of applicants, whoever has the highest score according to the point system used by the Internal Committee. If there is a tie, the committee will make the decision and that will be irrevocable.

All speakers have a 40-minute slot for their talk, including a Q&A session. We encourage you to make your talk interesting, engaging, fun and, if possible, interactive.


Who will choose the talks?

We’re inviting Dev Community leaders and Entrepreneurs that have experience with conferences. We want to have an inclusive jury, so we are still awaiting for confirmation on many peeps that we’ve invited to be part of it.

If you have any more questions, would like more feedback about your submissions or the event, please contact us at

Best of luck!


Topics to base your proposals on.

  • Interesting and useful technical talks. Modern, new, scalable, game-changing technologies or strategies.
  • Design, UX and UI focused talks. We can all benefit from knowing how to integrate the products of a designer with the work of a developer. This can help us all!
  • Development community efforts that have changed things positively. Come talk to us about your local community’s events and projects that have raised the bar.
  • Startups that use technology in a very interesting way, solving a difficult problem or changing the way things are currently done.
  • Fun stuff. Show us how you have fun while working, and you remain productive. Show your code or the way you program to achieve results.
  • Interesting hacks. We are suckers for innovative ways to hack stuff. If you work with code that does something different: show us!
  • Productivity and Happiness at work: any best practice that works for you and you think the world should know about. Extra points if it makes us happier!
  • Got a different subject you’d like to talk about? Go ahead! We’ll look into it and evaluate it with an open mind.

Want to sponsor the event?

Use this form or shoot us an email at to get this opportunity for targeted advertising. Check our prospectus, so we can work out a way to expose your company in an original and effective way with the attendees; not only at the event, but also before and after it.